Shocking and interesting facts about Mohammed Bin Salman

Mohammed Bin Salman was put in command of the Yemen war as stated by New York Times.

He started giving speeches about reforming Saudi Arabia, but it was tempered by a hefty chunk of cynicism and mistrust. The assumption was that he was addressing a western audience, given that the US backs his Yemeni excursions and is an ally in the fight against Iran.

According to king Abdul Aziz Al Saud founder of the kingdom, he left a will recommending that the throne would go to all his sons in turn, and according to eligibility, then to the oldest son children, then the next children; it goes without saying that those who have any reason to make them unfit to rule would be discarded, no one knows for sure why his grandchild was chosen to rule because the will of the king has been violated, as some of his sons are still alive, and that’s what created the disagreement among the royal family members; but it seems that MBS was the right person to rule for some members, it could be that he felt that the throne is slipping away.

Bin Salman allegedly arrested and hamstrung many of his royal rivals who were accused of trying to sideline him in 2020.

Not surprising that Prince Mohammed Bin Salman reportedly said Palestinians should shut up and stop complaining or make peace. It reflects two facts with which he must contend.

The first is that Saudi Arabia is a dynasty polity in the Arab tradition. As a result, it follows Ibn Khaldun’s dynastic cycle, in which a tribe with high asabiyyah (usually from the desert or mountains) obtains authority over a settled territory. By the fourth generation, the clan has grown civilized, and its asabiyyah has significantly weakened.

The second fact is Iran’s growing menace. Given that Iran is the preeminent Shia state, this is both geopolitical and theological. Because the population of the part of Saudi Arabia that possesses the vast majority of the oil reserves is largely Shia, Iran’s and its patrons’ rise in power in the Middle East poses a possibly fatal threat to the House of Saud. In the face of this menace, it makes sense to bury the hatchet with Israel, based on the old foreign policy realism principle that “the enemy of my enemy is my friend.”

Mohammed bin Salman, who has been named the Great Reformer, is the man wearing the Long Arab Garb. He appears to be able to communicate in both English and Arabic. His father can communicate in English, Arabic, and Spanish.

Mohammed Bin Salman
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Mohammed Bin Salman.

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