How To Play Blockudoku Game

Blockudoku is a puzzle game that combines Tetris and Sudoku elements to create an intriguing and engaging puzzle game. There’s plenty to do in this game, as well as daily challenges to keep you interested.

However, to get the most out of the experience, you’ll need to understand some of the underlying concepts. That is why we have created this guide. It’s jam-packed with techniques we’ve picked up while playing Blockudoku.

  1. Take your time It’s tempting to get rid of various shapes as quickly as possible. However, take your time to consider how you can demolish more with fewer actions. Hastily moving about can lead to your game going nowhere.
  2. Be flexible If you want to get extra points, keep your eyes open. Concentrating on a few aspects may not free up as much space as mixing things up. As a result, be adaptable in your problem-solving strategies.
  3. Go one step at a time Concentrate on just one item at a time. Multiple lines and boxes should be destroyed as a bonus, but it should not be the primary goal. So be cautious and avoid relying on conjecture.
  4. Leave room for 3×3 blocks Make sure you have room for at least one or two 3×3 blocks. It’s a massive item, and having that extra space means you don’t run out of options.
  5. Make streaks and avoid special figures The secret is to use streaks and squares! Every successful streak you have earns you +9 points. It’s a lot easier to accomplish this, and it’ll help you get more points. But don’t wait to make specific numbers; instead, seize the opportunity when it arises, because waiting rarely results in a perfect piece, and you may even miss out on better moves.
  6. Don’t build a wall Your gaming will be slowed as you wait for the perfect combinations to appear. You can also get out of moves by not positioning the available pieces in the appropriate place. So just be cautious of your actions, don’t overbuild, and keep playing.
  7. Keep the board clean Your goal is to demolish as much as possible rather than construct. Begin at the outside edges and work your way inwards. The game may come to an end if there isn’t enough room for fresh blocks.

So there you have it: some BlockuDoku help! Finally, don’t overthink it — the BlockuDoku block game isn’t rocket science; it’s a fun and addictive puzzle that will take your mind off your daily concerns.

We hope that these basic tactics will help you master BockuDoku. Enjoy!

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