How To Know If Someone Is Recording Your Video Call

Video Call

WhatsApp, one of the world’s most popular messaging apps, is known for more than just texting and voice calling. Video calls are also available to WhatsApp users. If you’re wondering if you can record a video call on WhatsApp, the answer is yes. Continue reading this article to gain a thorough understanding of the subject.

Signs that you are being recorded

The answer to whether you can record a WhatsApp Messenger video call is yes. Screen recorders can be used to make such recordings. Surprisingly, it’s difficult to tell if someone has used his phone’s screen recorder to record the video call while you’re talking.

To be sure that someone is recording you on a video call, simply check to see if you can hear your voice on WhatsApp.

That means that if someone is recording your audio-video call, you will hear your voice because the person must put the call on the speaker to record it. Even though there are ways to avoid hearing from you, any echo-like sound indicates that your call is being recorded.

If you want to conceal your face from being videotaped in a delicate situation, follow the measures below.

How to Prevent Someone From Recording Your Face During a Video Call

Protecting your WhatsApp privacy by hiding your face from video calls is a no-brainer.

Face mask filters can be used to obscure your face or just as a call feature. This is frequently used to safeguard a person’s privacy during a video conference.

If you’re on a video call, utilize the face mask to conceal your identity so that if somebody captures you, it won’t be you. This is a privacy guard that works because you can’t say no to someone recording your face, and you can’t know if they’re recording your face or not. This step can help you hide your face.


This article explains what you need to do and what to watch out for while using WhatsApp to make a video call. It is recommended that you only make calls to people you know and trust and that you take the necessary precautions when experiencing the signs detailed in this article.

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