How To Change Name on Zoom App

How to Change Name on Zoom

Zoom is primarily a business conferencing service, and most users use their real names on the platform. However, the name displayed on the platform is not always accurate, and participants are free to change it. This article shows How To Change Name On Zoom.

When more students log in to use the video conferencing services, updating this information may be critical to one’s performance or attendance.

Keeping this in mind, you can change the display name of your profile before entering a meeting. It’s even possible to do it after the fact, while you’re in a Zoom Room. The important thing to remember is that any meeting participant, regardless of host credentials, can change the name.

Making Amends To Your Profile Before A Meeting

The Zoom web portal, desktop client, and mobile app all allow you to modify the display name. However, there is one oddity.

When you change the name settings in the desktop software, you will be directed to the web portal. This is why the article incorporates both techniques, and why the mobile app has its own section.

Web Portal

Sign in to your account at, then select Profile from the left-hand menu.

To the right of your current display name, click the blue Edit option.

Click the appropriate box and type in the new name to change the name.

This is also where you may edit your phone number, job title, business, and department. You might also want to provide your present location.

It’s worth noting that Zoom doesn’t appear to use any sort of geotagging technology. Given the app’s nature and scope, this is unsurprising.

Desktop App

To enter the settings menu, click the gear icon next to your profile image.

Select Profile from the drop-down menu.

Select Edit My Profile from the drop-down menu.

Zoom will take you to a website where you may edit your name by clicking ‘Edit’ and following the steps outlined above.

Mobile App

Although there are certain limits to Zoom’s mobile app, you may at least edit your name and personal information.

To open the app, press the Zoom icon on your smartphone and select Settings in the bottom right corner.

To enter the editing window, tap on your current name, then pick Display Name in the next window.

All you have to do now is tap on the name and surname and change them to something else. Click the x button next to the name and surname to easily delete the settings. This is a minor point, but it significantly reduces the amount of time spent backspacing or attempting to pick entire paragraphs on a small screen.

When you’re finished, click Save in the upper right corner of the screen.

Amending the Name Inside a Zoom Room

You or any other participant in a particular room can change the display name. You don’t require administrator or host credentials to do this, as stated. This is how you do it:

At the bottom of the Zoom Room window, click the Participants icon. This will lead you to a meeting menu with information on the topic, the host, the invitation, and the attendees.

Click More after hovering over your name in the Participants pane (a pop-out window to the right of Zoom’s interface).

To change your in-room display name, click Rename.

Another pop-up appears, prompting you to type your preferred name into the “Enter New Name” box. Click OK when you’re finished, and your new name should appear in the app.

The pop-up has the same features as before.


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