Dozens missing in deadly disaster after Kerala floods

Floods in southern India have killed more than 20 people after torrential rains caused rivers to overflow, cutting off towns and villages.

– Dozens missing in deadly disaster in India.

The flood was caused by days of torrential rain in Kerala’s Kottayam district, which resulted in catastrophic landslides.
According to a source, bus passengers had to be rescued when their car was flooded.

India Airforce on the rescue
India Airforce on the rescue.
Source: India Airforce.

“Indian Air Force medium lift helicopters have been inducted for #floodrelief efforts in districts of #Kerala inundated due to heavy rains.” The Indian Air Force (IAF).

Hundreds of individuals have already been reported missing, and there are fears that the death toll will continue to increase.

In several parts of the country, refugee centers have been established.

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